For the past twenty years, Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based artist Juan Pablo Pfirter has been a driving force behind a sound that’s alternately steely, dark, and uplifting, remaining true to the founding principles of techno while infusing it with his avant-garde touch. 

Since his early days, whether through DJing, producing, or as a label owner, Pfirter has demonstrated his talent with focus and style. He’s left his mark on esteemed labels like CLR, Figure, Mord, and Stroboscopic Artefacts with select singles, while headlining renowned electronic music venues and events such as Berghain, Tresor, Concrete, Awakenings, and Time Warp. Since his first European tour in 2005, Juan Pablo has tirelessly shaped one of the most distinctive sounds in contemporary electronic music, blending stadium-sized kicks with textured organic elements and hypnotic sub-bass motifs that remain captivating after countless listens. 

In 2006, Pfirter launched his own imprint, MindTrip, which has since become a prominent fixture in the techno landscape. The label serves not only as a platform for his own productions but also for those of his close friends and collaborators, including luminaries such as Flug, Kashpitzky, Nørbak, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dold, and more. Additionally, MindTrip has thrived through its monthly podcast series, featuring acclaimed artists like Angel Molina, Setaoc Mass, and Amotik, each presenting an hour of music that embodies the ethos of the label. 

Having released over 50 club-oriented records, Pfirter ventured into the realm of albums with 2019’s “The Empty Space,” offering a panoramic view of the subtle intricacies and emotional depth of his craft. His sophomore album, “Altered States,” further explores the nuances and expressive possibilities within techno, balancing club-focused realities with introspective, psychoactive elements deeply rooted in the genre’s tradition. 

Continuing to bridge the gap between the visceral and the cerebral, Pfirter consistently delivers compelling works that resonate long after the last strobe light fades. While his singles dominate specialist charts, the depth of his compositions lingers in the minds of listeners long after the club doors close. In Pfirter’s hands, darkness becomes oddly comforting, inviting listeners into his unique sonic universe.



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